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Model Kit Quick!! Pokemon Bulbasaur

Model Kit Quick!! Pokemon Bulbasaur

Bandai Spirits

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Product Features

Bandai model kits are precision-crafted works of art, designed to capture the true spirit of your favorite subjects. Each kit showcases meticulous attention to detail, offering an authentic and captivating representation of iconic characters, vehicles, and mecha.

  • Approximately 3.23 inches long (8.2cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the Pokemon franchise
  • Simple and easy to build
  • No need for tools
  • Instructions may or may not contain English translation

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build Bulbasaur
  • Instructions


  • Enjoy our professional package inspection process. Our experienced team guarantees the MINT condition of the collectible with no extra cost. 

About the Character

Bulbasaur, one of the original and beloved Pokémon, is an adorable and instantly recognizable creature from the Pokémon universe. This dual-type Grass and Poison-type Pokémon possesses a distinctive appearance with a blue-green body, large, red, and expressive eyes, and a plant bulb growing on its back. This bulb is the precursor to the massive flower that will bloom as Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and eventually Venusaur. Despite its small and cute stature, Bulbasaur exudes a sense of resilience and determination, often depicted as a loyal and steadfast companion to Pokémon Trainers. Its gentle yet resilient nature has endeared it to trainers and fans alike, making it a cherished character in the Pokémon world.

About the Company

Bandai is a Japanese toy and video game company that has been in operation since 1950. They are known for creating a wide range of products, including action figures, model kits, and collectibles. Bandai has a strong focus on popular anime and manga franchises, producing toys and merchandise for series such as Dragon Ball, Gundam, and Sailor Moon. They also have a presence in the video game industry, developing and publishing games for consoles and mobile devices. In addition to their toy and gaming products, Bandai has also expanded into other areas such as apparel, food, and health supplements. With a long history of quality and innovation, Bandai remains a major player in the Japanese entertainment industry.