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Bitty PoP! Friends Monica Geller 4-Pack


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Product Features

Each Bitty PoP! figure comes beautifully packaged in a miniature window box, making them perfect for displaying on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you want to add a touch of cuteness. These tiny treasures bring a burst of joy and playfulness to any space, and their compact size allows you to easily create charming arrangements and dioramas featuring multiple characters.

  • Approx. 1 inch tall (2.54cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the Friends TV show
  • Part of the Bitty Pop! series
  • Possibility for a rare or hyper rare mystery Pop!
  • Clear acrylic stacking case included

Box Contents

  • Monica Geller as Catwoman Bitty Pop!
  • Ross Geller as Sputnik Bitty Pop!
  • Chandler Bing as Bunny Bitty Pop!
  • Mystery Bitty Pop!
  • Clear acrylic stacking case


  • Enjoy our professional package inspection process. Our experienced team guarantees the MINT condition of the collectible with no extra cost. 

About the Character 

Monica Geller is a perfectionist with a competitive streak, known for her obsessive organization and culinary skills. As the "mother hen" of the group, she often takes charge and strives for excellence in everything she does, whether it's hosting gatherings or pursuing her career as a chef. Ross Geller, Monica's older brother, is a lovable geek with a passion for paleontology and a tendency to overanalyze situations. Despite his awkwardness and occasional neurotic tendencies, Ross is a devoted friend and romantic at heart, navigating life's challenges with sincerity and determination. Chandler Bing, Monica's sarcastic and quick-witted best friend, brings humor to every situation with his sharp one-liners and endearing awkwardness. As a data analyst with commitment issues, Chandler's journey involves finding love, acceptance, and personal growth while maintaining his signature sense of humor.