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Dragon Ball Super Tenshinhan #1272

Dragon Ball Super Tenshinhan #1272


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  • 1,000 Pieces


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Tenshinhan, often simply referred to as Tien, is a prominent character in the Dragon Ball series, including Dragon Ball Super. He is a highly skilled martial artist and a former adversary turned ally of Goku and his friends. Tien is known for his disciplined training and unique techniques, such as the Tri-Beam (Kikoho) attack. In Dragon Ball Super, Tien continues to play a supporting role, occasionally participating in major events and battles. He is a member of Universe 7's team during the Tournament of Power, where he showcases his combat abilities against various opponents from different universes. Despite not being as powerful as some of the Saiyan characters, Tien's unwavering determination and martial arts prowess make him a valuable member of the team. Tien's character embodies the spirit of martial arts and perseverance, and he remains a respected and enduring figure in the Dragon Ball universe.


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