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Funko PoP! Animation Naruto Shippuden Kakashi (Perfect Susano'o) #1015 (Funko Special Edition)

Funko PoP! Animation Naruto Shippuden Kakashi (Perfect Susano'o) #1015 (Funko Special Edition)


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Pop! figures bring your favorite characters to life with a unique stylized design. Each vinyl figure, such as this Funko Pop!, stands 6 inches tall and comes in window box packaging, making them great for display!


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Kakashi is a character in the popular anime and manga series Naruto. Susano is a powerful technique used by characters in the series who possess the Mangekyo Sharingan, a rare and powerful form of the Sharingan eye. Kakashi does not possess the Mangekyo Sharingan and therefore cannot use the Susano technique. However, Kakashi does possess the Sharingan in his left eye, which allows him to copy and perform a wide range of techniques used by other ninja. In battle, Kakashi is known for his tactical prowess and his ability to think on his feet, which has allowed him to overcome even the most formidable opponents. While Kakashi cannot use Susano, his unique skills and abilities make him a formidable and respected ninja in the world of Naruto.



Funko is a company that produces a wide range of pop culture collectibles, including vinyl figures, plush toys, and apparel. They are best known for their popular line of Funko Pops, which feature stylized designs of characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Funko has a vast library of licensed properties, allowing them to create products for popular franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. The company has also expanded into other areas, such as board games and mobile apps. With a strong focus on fan culture and community, Funko has become a prominent player in the collectibles market.