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Funko PoP! Moment Attack on Titan Eren & Zeke Jaeger #1460 (Funko Special Edition)

Funko PoP! Moment Attack on Titan Eren & Zeke Jaeger #1460 (Funko Special Edition)


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The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Prepare your Attack on Titan collection for a showdown of two brothers. This exclusive Pop! Moment features Pop! Eren Jeager and Pop! Zeke Jeager in the sandy land of the paths. Vinyl figure is approximately 4.35-inches tall.


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Eren Jaeger and Zeke Jaeger, pivotal characters in "Attack on Titan," are linked by blood but find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict that unfolds within the series. Eren, the main protagonist, transforms from an idealistic youth aspiring for freedom into a complex figure, driven by a mysterious agenda and wielding the power of the Attack Titan. Zeke, his half-brother, initially serves as the Beast Titan, displaying strategic brilliance on behalf of the Marleyan government. The Jaeger brothers' relationship is marked by tension and ideological differences, as Eren seeks freedom for Eldians, while Zeke becomes entangled in Marley's machinations. Their intricate connection and the unfolding revelations surrounding their family history contribute significantly to the layered and gripping narrative of "Attack on Titan." 


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