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Funko PoP! Town Disney Princess Aurora with Castle #29

Funko PoP! Town Disney Princess Aurora with Castle #29


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Disney is hosting the Ultimate Princess Celebration to inspire and empower you and your loved ones with stories of courage and strength. Collect your favorite Disney Princesses as Funko Pop! figures and complete your Disney Ultimate Princess collection with a Pop! Town of Aurora and Castle. Vinyl figures are approximately 7-inches and 4.5-inches tall.


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Princess Aurora is a fictional character and the titular protagonist of Disney's animated film "Sleeping Beauty," released in 1959. She is based on the character "Briar Rose" from the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perrault. Princess Aurora is a gentle and kind-hearted young woman who is cursed by the evil fairy Maleficent to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep on her sixteenth birthday. However, three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, alter the curse so that instead of dying, Aurora will fall into a deep sleep until she is awakened by true love's kiss. Aurora is raised in the forest by the three good fairies under the name Briar Rose to protect her from Maleficent's curse. Unaware of her true identity, Aurora grows up believing she is a peasant girl. Despite this, she possesses a natural grace, charm, and love for the forest animals. On her sixteenth birthday, Aurora meets Prince Phillip, and the two fall in love. However, their happiness is threatened by Maleficent's curse.


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