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G.I. Joe Classified Series Croc Master & Fiona

G.I. Joe Classified Series Croc Master & Fiona


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Product Features

G.I. Joe is a highly skilled, on-demand, special operations force of men and women from around the globe. These extraordinarily talented heroes are selected for their elite abilities and tasked with defending the world from Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization bent on total domination. With unwavering courage and steely determination, the brave members of G.I. Joe are prepared to seek out Cobra in any environment on the planet. From hostile jungles to ice-clad arctic peaks…wherever there’s trouble, G.I. Joe is there. 

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly articulated
  • Premium deco and details
  • Original package artwork

Box Contents

  • Croc Master figure
  • Fiona figure
  • 2 Baby crocs
  • Whip
  • Chain with collar
  • Hook
  • Knife
  • Pistol


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    About the Characters

    Croc Master is a fearsome and enigmatic character known for his mastery over reptiles. With a striking appearance featuring a rugged demeanor and distinctive attire inspired by the natural world, he exudes an aura of primal authority. His connection to the animal kingdom is unparalleled, with an uncanny ability to communicate with and control dangerous reptiles, making him a formidable adversary in the world of espionage and villainy. Fiona, on the other hand, stands in stark contrast as a beacon of grace and sophistication. With her elegant style and captivating presence, she commands attention effortlessly. A woman of mystery and intrigue, Fiona possesses a keen intellect and a knack for navigating complex situations with finesse, making her an indispensable asset in any high-stakes operation. Together, Croc Master and Fiona form a captivating duo, blending the wild and the refined in a way that keeps their adversaries guessing at every turn.

    About the Company

    Hasbro is a multinational toy and entertainment company that has been in operation since 1923. They are known for creating some of the most iconic toys in history, including Mr. Potato Head, G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony. In addition to toys, Hasbro produces a variety of other products, such as board games, movies, and TV shows. They have a wide range of popular franchises under their umbrella, including Transformers, Marvel, and Star Wars. Hasbro is committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in their operations and promoting environmental education. With a rich history and continued innovation, Hasbro remains a prominent player in the toy and entertainment industry.