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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Master Mordo (Rintrah BAF)

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Master Mordo (Rintrah BAF)


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With Hasbro Legends, fans can immerse themselves in the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and many other iconic properties. Each figure is meticulously crafted, boasting movie-accurate sculpting and paint applications that bring these characters to life. From the intricate costumes and accessories to the striking facial expressions, every aspect is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the original source material.

  • 6-inch scale (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly detailed
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Movie-inspired details

Box Contents

  • Master Mordo figure
  • 4 Alternate hands
  • Jo staff
  • Crossbow
  • Rintrah right fist
  • Rintrah right arm


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Master Mordo is a captivating character whose enigmatic presence weaves through the realms of magic and mysticism. With an aura of intrigue and a demeanor steeped in ancient wisdom, Master Mordo is a formidable figure in the world of sorcery. His mastery of arcane arts is unparalleled, and his dark, brooding charisma leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter him. Driven by a complex web of motives and a desire for power, he stands as both a rival and, at times, an uneasy ally to the enigmatic Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, in the ever-shifting landscape of the mystical Marvel Universe. With his distinctive look, combining intricate robes and an air of sinister elegance, Master Mordo remains a key player in the cosmic battle between light and darkness, leaving us all eager to delve deeper into the mysteries that shroud this captivating character.


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